Put Family First, LLC
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               GOALS OF SERVICE

1.  PFF provides a person centered therapeutic approach, which supports and improves the individual's level of functioning in the home and community.

2.  PFF enhances interpersonal relationships skills to promote the individual's positive ability to increase  independency and communications skills in the community.

3.  PFF will develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) to identify clients current Mental Health needs concerns. The (ISP) will be revised on a on going basics as goals are meet and needs as occur. The ISP is created in order to discharge the client from services as a positive, productive member of society.

4.  PFF identifies and promotes the strengthening of individuals, families and the community by stabilizing clients and  improving functioning skills with in the communities.

5.  PFF will comply with all policies and procedures in accordance with applicable federal, state and agency guidelines.

6.  PFF provides the necessary coordination of care services through case management, doctors, schools, courts, hospitals,  social services, families, and others involved in the individual's treatment in order to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to service.

                          "Where we believe empowering families will promote positive change."