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                     Mental Health Support Services Include:

*Individual Therapy: - The client meets one-on-one with a Mental Health Counselor to address specific issues as they pertain to the ISP.

*Family Therapy:  - The client and family meet with the Mental Health
Support Counselor to address family dynamic and relational issues as they
pertain to the ISP.

*Case Management:  - The Mental Health Support Counselor works diligently with other providers and community resources to build a supportive network  that will lead to success once the client discharges from services.

*Crisis Intervention:  - The Mental Health Support Counselor is available on-call 24/7 if a crisis occurs. They will offer support services and guidance to resolve crisis situations. 

The Structured Program of Care Includes:

  1. The comprehensive bio/psycho/social assessment clinically analyzes the physical, emotional, and social needs of the client.
  2. Treatment planning provides a written contract between the client, counselor, and the family to identify measureable treatment objectives, interventions, and target dates.
  3. Individual family counseling addresses the issues defined in the Individualized Service Plan (ISP).
  4. Coordination of care links the client to other necessary supportive networks.
  5. Crisis intervention supports clients and families during significantly vulnerable situations giving protection, guidance, and supervision to resolve matters.
  6. The therapeutic relationship is used to build positive behaviors, social skills  that promote positive change.
                          "Where we believe empowering families will promote positive change."